4th Boat Parade & Picnic 7/4

Posted by Administrator (wycnh) on Jun 16 2017
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Calling all WYC members.
Our third annual Independence Day Boat Parade is just around the corner.
July fourth falls on a Tuesday this year.
We look forward to all of you that have boats to participate in celebrating our great nation's two hundred and forty first birthday. The invitation to join the parade is also extended to all our proposed members. Don't forget to invite your friends for a boat ride.
Our parade will start at 10AM and last an hour to an hour and fifteen. The route will maximize exposure for all to see. 
Our expert panel of judges will be led by Peter and Alida Millham. We also need two or three additional judges to help out and identify boats.
The theme remains the same; HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA.
As usual, all donations will go to support Camp Resilience. As we all know, the reason we can celebrate the birthdays of our great nation is because of the sacrifices these men and women have made to insure our freedom. So please support our event with a generous donation, which is tax deductible, for Camp Resilience.  
Have some fun, chow down on a dog or two and some salads. Also bring along
your favorite beverage.
Lets all join in: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA !!!!
Respectfully summited: The Independence Day Committee

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